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Kicking Off Another America Votes State Summit

The 2014 America Votes State Summit, our fifth annual, kicks off tomorrow afternoon.  For more info about the Summit, the agenda and featured speakers, visit our Summit page here

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AV-PA Partner Penn Environment Puts Out New Report Card Giving Gov “F” for Environmental Record

For Immediate Release:  October 10, 2013
Contact: Adam Garber, (267) 515-1220,

New report card gives governor “F” for environmental record

[Philadelphia]- Gov. Corbett received an “F” on an environmental report card released today by the statewide environmental advocacy group PennEnvironment.

PennEnvironment’s report card includes some of the most hotly-debated environmental policies in Harrisburg—and Gov. Corbett’s position on those issues—sincebecoming governor in 2011. The full report card can be viewed at:


"From the first bill he signed into law that gutted energy conservation for buildings across Pennsylvania, to rolling back protections to keep our parks safe from drilling and proposing to dismantle funding for farmland preservation, this report card makes it clear that our environment has taken a beating under Gov. Corbett," said Adam Garber, PennEnvironment field director. "Fortunately, broad bipartisan support in the Legislature was able to defend against many of the governor's shortsighted proposals."

PennEnvironment expects to distribute its environmental report card to more than 250,000 households across theCommonwealth as part of the group's campaigns to keep Pennsylvania safefrom fracking, to protect local parks, and to promote energy conservation.

Some of the proposals and laws highlighted in the report card include:

Gutting Green Building Standards (Act 1 of 2011): First legislation signed into law by the governor (Act 1 of 2011) to roll back the implementation of energy conservation standards for buildings constructed in PA.

Carte Blanche for Frackers (Act 13 of 2012): Signed far-reaching law (Act 13) that guts environmental and public health protections from gas drilling and fracking, and so far, it has been found unconstitutional by the state courts.

Eliminating Funding for our Parks and Open Spaces (2012 Budget Proposal):A 2012 budget proposal to dissolve funding for the Keystone Fund, the state's cornerstone program for protecting state parks and other recreational areas.

Promoting Drilling on College Campuses (SB 367): Legislation signed into law that allows fracking and gas drilling on our higher education campuses.

Permit Local Land Banks (HB 1682): Legislation signed into law that helps local communities turn vacant lots into parks, community gardens and green spaces.

"Some of the governor's anti-environmental proposals were so outrageous that they've been met with swift and vocal bipartisanopposition, including cuts to funding for our parks and farmland preservation," said Garber.

The report card was released as Gov. Corbett is facing decisions on a number of critical environmental issuesduring the last year of his term. Issues include the opening of Loyalsock State Forest to drilling, threats to our state's clean energy law, and an underfunded park system.

"We urge Gov. Corbett to usethe next eight months to push for environmental proposals to promote a clean energy future, to protect our threatened open spaces and family farms, and to begin tackling global warming," said Garber.

The environmental report card can be found at:

PennEnvironment is a state-based, citizen-funded, environmental advocacy organization working towards a cleaner, greener, healthier future. For more information, visit


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On the Ground in Colorado: E-Day GOTV Kicks Off Bright and Early

America Votes sent several staff from our national office to Colorado to help with the recall elections. Our staff will be reporting from the ground.  Today is Election Day and the door knocking continues.

It has been an energetic GOTV so far despite the heat (90+ degrees), and now we've finally reached Election Day. Yesterday our canvassing crew of four knocked on nearly 400 doors in central Pueblo, where there was an encouraging number of "Vote NO" yard signs.
Volunteers were at the staging location at 6:30am this morning ready to go - including Sen. Angela Giron. This morning we've already dropped off overa 160 door hangers with Election Day reminders and will finish our final 70 doors in the next hour.
With the urgency of Election Day, we'll be returning to at least half of the doors where we didn't get a chance to connect with voters before 1pm today. We'll continue this cycle until the polls close at 7pm MT tonight.

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PICTURES: CO Recall Elections Today

Today, voters in two Colorado Senate districts will go to the polls to vote on whether or not to recall two state Senators for supporting common-sense gun violence prevention legislation.  America Votes and its partners are working hard to stop the recalls -- here are some pictures from the last few days of GOTV.  More updates to come!

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We Stand With Wendy Davis

Yesterday and into last night, Wendy Davis, a Texas state Senator, completed a filibuster of a draconian anti-women's health bill that the Texas Senate was attempting to push through during a special session, which ended at midnight last night.  As protestors made their voices heard in the gallery, Republicans tried to pass the bill before the session closed after they cut off Senator's Davis' filibuster on procedural grounds.  They did not succeed. 

Read more here, and take a look at this quick video from Planned Parenthood President, and former America Votes President Cecile Richards, who was in Texas supporting Senator Davis.


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Thank you!

We want to say "thank you" to our partners, donors and friends who may this year's Post-Election Summit such a great success.

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MEMO: 2012 Election Results Overview


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So Goes Ohio...

With such a tight Presidential election this year, all eyes have been on Ohio. Not only was it a critical swing state for President Obama’s re-election campaign, but there was also a hotly contested Senate race between Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Josh Mandel. On the national level, progressives came out on top in two of these three targeted races.

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Abortion/Rape takes center stage

Republicans have had a bad case of “foot in mouth” disease on sensitive topics such as a woman’s right to choose, especially in the circumstances of rape. From the top of the ticket all the way down to candidates running for state office, the Republican Party has consistently been saying that they are against abortion in all cases because the unborn child is a “gift from God.”

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AV IN THE FIELD -- Canvassing in Philadelphia

The following is a blog post from Dawn Boudwin, who works in America Votes' D.C. office, but is in Philadelphia through the election as a field volunteer:

We canvassed in the Fishtown yesterday.  Fishtown is a neighborhood located in the northeastern part of Philadelphia that is mostly blue collar. The area earned its name because it used to be the center of the river herring fishing industry on the Delaware River.

Although the area did not look very inviting, the voters were. The enthusiasm is still there. The voters were appreciative that we were stopping by and assured us that they would be voting for the President, Senator Casey and Kathleen Kane.  The voters seemed to understand what is at stake in this election.

One supporter told us he was voting and was going to personally take the other three eligible voters in his household to the polls because he, “truly can’t even imagine what a country with Mitt Romney as President would be like” and that the thought of it is “scary.”

Volunteers have been streaming through the SEIU canvass office this weekend, and we expect that to continue through Tuesday.


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