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Wisconsin Republicans Cancel Vote on Bill to Restrict Recall Elections

Republican State Senator Mary Lazich decided to cancel the committee on Transportation and Election meeting today. The committee was scheduled to vote on a controversial bill that would require petitions of recall to be notarized and would implement the newly drawn state senate districts. The bill would not affect the implementation of state assembly districts, which would go into effect for the November 2012 elections.

The bill received sharp criticism from Democrats who claimed that Republicans were trying to make the recall process harder by implementing the new district which are considered safer for Republican incumbents. Lazich decided to cancel the committee meeting after some Republicans announced that they would not support the bill, and the Assembly announced that they also did not have enough votes to pass the bill. With this lack of support Lazich determined that the bill would not leave committee and therefore will not appear on the senate floor until at least early next year.

Many also questioned the legality of adopting the new Senate districts now while keeping the current Assembly districts until November 2012. Others also cautioned that Wisconsin's redistricting plan still faces two court challenges that are not expected to go to trial until March 2012.


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