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Enough is Enough

First, the GOP says there is left-wing bias in the media so they create Fox News. Then, they say all the polls are biased so they create Now, there is a growing movement of them that are unhappy with the election results and are signing petitions for their states to leave the Union. When does the madness stop?

When conservatives don’t like reality, they create their own.

Wanting to secede from the United States is not only disrespectful to the office of the presidency but it is highly disrespectful to the country itself, our troops that serve to protect this country and every citizen that resides within. That kind of attitude is unpatriotic and downright un-American. Thankfully, only a little over 35,000 people have signed the Texas petition out of over 25 million people that reside in the state.

One person does not speak for many; neither does a minority speak for a majority. Within a democracy, the majority rules and here the majority has clearly spoken. Republican ideas were once again rejected and progress has won out. But the time has come for these silly parlor games and extreme bitterness and anger to end. We need real solutions to our nation’s problems. We need cooperation and togetherness, not obstruction and divisiveness. If we work together, we can continue to prove what makes this country so great and that we can work through our differences and continue to make it better.

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