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The Loss of Civility in Modern Politics

Speaker Boehner tells Senator Harry Reid to “Go f--- himself!”

The “f-bomb” is no stranger to modern politics these days, but there comes a point where a little tact is necessary. The recent episode of John Boehner going off on Sen. Reid shows just how ugly and partisan the Republican Party has become. One might excuse such an occurrence were it just this one time, but there are multiple disgusting examples of how the GOP holds zero amount of respect for the opposition party.

Remember the Tea Party rallies on Capitol Hill where protestors were spitting on Democratic members of Congress and using racial and homophobic slurs? Remember the infamous “You lie!” outburst from Joe Wilson during Obama’s 2009 Presidential Address?

Republicans all over the country use their buzz words of “fascist” and “socialist” to describe our President. They prey upon people’s fears of change in order to stymie any real attempt at true progress. When you truly look at the people that represent the leadership within the national Republican Party, you should ask yourself this question, “What does a party of fear, hate, and arrogance have to offer me?”

We need to come back to civility and be able to remain humble when things do not always go the way we want. One does not have to say everything that comes to mind. There is no real excuse for rude outbursts and public displays of disdain. 

The American people should tell the GOP that they have had enough of the playground antics and to get to work to help create real solutions for tomorrow. They need to be able to come together with Democrats, sit at the table respectfully, share their ideas and be willing to make realistic compromises. We have to be able to work together in order to continue to move our country forward.

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