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GOP stages coup of Washington state Senate

Republican state Senators in Washington managed to grab the mantle of power from Democrats by convincing two Democratic Senators to cross party lines and caucus with them.

State Senators Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon have entered into an unholy alliance with the GOP on promises of power in this new 25-24 majority. Tom is the new majority leader and Sheldon has become president pro tempore. This new majority is calling themselves the Majority Coalition Caucus and says they are doing this in order to create “bipartisan solutions” for the state.

Democratic Senate leaders are calling this farce for what it is: BINO; “Bipartisan In Name Only.” The new 2013 legislation session has already begun divisively because this is not a move about creating actual solutions, but rather a power grab by Republicans to keep Democrats and progressives from moving forward with the agenda that they were elected on.

Democratic leaders have already moved forward with purging Tom and Sheldon from their websites and databases and pledging zero percent support for their re-election.

Democrats were elected into a majority to push forward with real progressive ideas. The voters should be able to depend on their electors to stand on what they ran on. For these two state Senators to go against this merely for the sake of holding a title shows exactly how little respect they have for their party, their own values, and true progress for the state of Washington.

As far as Senators Tom and Sheldon are concerned, they should enjoy their reign of “power” while they can. Elections for the state legislative body happen every two years in Washington, and progressives will be ready to take these seats back.

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