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2013 State Battles

America Votes and its partners are fighting for progressive values across the country in 2013.  America Votes has established the State Battles Fund to help support the needs of our partners in the states.

The America Votes State Battles Fund is a special initiative focused on the struggles of working people across the country. While the middle class is shrinking and families are struggling to get by, many politicians in the states are making the problem worse by planning to cut wages, weaken pensions, reduce health benefits and fundamental bargaining rights. The America Votes State Battles Fund will oppose state legislation, ballot measures and executive orders that cut jobs, and hurt the middle class and state economies.


Click Here To Help America Votes and our partners by giving to the State Battles Fund

Read about the issues our partners are dealing with in the states:


  • Retirement cuts
  • Teacher layoffs
  • Numerous anti-choice bills
  • Debate to cut state-funded hospitals


  • Proposals to tax public and private pensions
  • Bill created to establish "emergency financial managers" to dismiss existing union contracts.
  • Unemployment cut for future applicants


  • Current budget proposals would cut funding for hospitals, children's services, and benefits for the disabled and elderly
  • Very strict Voter ID bill moving through legislature.


  • Governor John Kasich's attacks on collective bargaining rights, pushes corporate tax breaks
  • GOP controlled legislature pushing Voter ID bill, potentially disenfranchising voters
  • Several anti-choice bills in the works


  • Governor Tom Corbett has proposed teacher layoffs and salary freezes
  • Cuts to environmental protection services
  • Proposed tax breaks and credits for oil and other corporations.


  • Governor Walker has proposed defunding family planning iniatives and closeing clinics
  • Plans to reduce tax credits for the working poor while offering a tax break to corporations. 
  • Numerous recall efforts are in the works