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In Colorado, The Fight For Better Election Systems Continues

GOP lawmakers in Colorado are trying to put a two year hold on HB-1303, placing a yet another obstacle between voters and the polls. 

Remember how awesome it was when Gov. Hickenlooper signed the historic Colorado Voter Access and Modernization Election bill into law (HB 1303), which set the pace for modernizing the election systems in the state and make voting easier for Colorado citizens?

Well today, there's a hearing on SB 14-141, a GOP sponsored bill that would put an unnecessary hold on the law for two years and essentially put Colorado's election process back in the dark ages. The hearing in the Senate State Affairs Committee starts at 1:30pm MT.

2013 was a watershed year in Colorado electoral history with the passage of HB-1303, which provided a wide range of positive and comprehensive changes to the election process in the state. For example, voters now receive ballots in the mail and have the choice to vote by mail or in person, which aided a large influx in voter participation, with almost 400,000 more voters than 2011, according to the Colorado County Clerks Association. The law also made it easier for voters to change their addresses and adjust their registrations, which is an issue that impacts tens of thousands of people. Between October 15, 2013 and November 6, there were 29,155 voter registrations changes made, including 23,509 individuals who moved their addresses within their county.

HB 1303 received praise on the national level, including from conservative former commissioner and chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Trevor Potter. And based on the recent Presidential Commission on Election Administration, Colorado has already satisfied almost all of the listed "best practices": online registration, early voting, vote centers, choice of mail ballots or in-person voting, live e-poll books and others. Public policy think tank Demos made similar recommendations in their report, entitled “Millions to the Polls”, and also recommended allowing voters to vote or change their registration information through Election Day.

A two-year hold on HB-1303 would serve as a unnecessary step back and roadblock between voters and the polls. We urge the Senate State Affairs committee members to kill SB 14-141. 

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